Create a ticket

Both ITS and Facilities services utilize a ticketing system to keep track of work requests. We utilize Atlassian’s Jira platform which can be visited at

How to Create a ticket

  1. Visit

  2. Sign in with your MVNU credentials

  3. Type in a keyword for the type of problem you’re having. This should bring up a list of potential knowledgebase articles that can be followed for self-help purposes.

    1. As an example, we’ve typed in “password” which shows the following results:

    2. If the knowledgebase articles on top do not provide you any self-help options specific to your request you can select an issue type that will direct you to a ticket creation page for that issue.

  4. After selecting an issue type, fill out the corresponding fields to provide as much detail as possible.

  5. Technicians monitor incoming tickets for work they are trained on and would appreciate detail to ensure they know what tools might be needed, or whether there is any prerequisite work needing done before coming directly to you.

  6. Once all fields are filled out click “Send” to submit the request.

  7. You should receive an email from Jira confirming the receipt of your request and which can be used by replying to add new information to the workorder.

  8. Technicians oftentimes communicate through Jira itself so monitor your emails for incoming Jira emails or you can log in to and click the “Requests” button on the top-right hand corner to see a list of tickets you’ve created and their statuses.

Did you know you can email to automatically generate a ticket?