SharePoint Online (SPO)

With the new Office 365, Microsoft released an update to their file repository and ITS has been working to get it designed and configured for use at MVNU. This page will give a brief explanation of the basics of using the new tool.

What’s the web address / link / URL? (It will require you logging in with MVNU credentials)

How is it different from iShare?

  1. The original Sharepoint (iShare) was created to host the files and folders locally in MVNU’s Server room. With the advent of Microsoft’s O365, the files and folders are stored out in the Cloud so that they can be accessed anywhere whether MVNU’s servers are operational or not.

  2. We also removed the “My SharePoint Files” section as it is no longer necessary thanks to the inclusion of Microsoft’s OneDrive solution. OneDrive will house any personal files/folders while SharePoint Online (SPO) will function as a repository for anything needing shared within the organization.

  3. On the homepage, everyone has access to view all the different departments but can only access the department they have permissions to. This gives us the ability to provide shared permissions to people who bridge multiple departments.

  4. Read Only and Shared are now combined in one folder but still function the same.

Watch this video for a breakdown of the major differences.

How is it related to the rest of the Microsoft solutions

In an effort to unify the experience of using all of Microsoft’s applications, they made any files/folders accessible across all of their platforms so that rather than duplicating your storage/files everything utilizes the same information. This means that a file saved in SPO can be attached in Outlook, referenced in Teams, or seen/accessed in Word.

This video includes a brief example of the functional relationship each tool has with each other.