Hybrid - USB-C Port Models

If you have one of these MVNU laptops, or any laptop with a USB-C port (pictured to the right), these are your instructions.


Each Classroom is now equipped with a USB-C adapter for connecting your laptop and utilizing the projector, network, and Ziggi.

These laptops will simply require plugging the USB-C in to the laptop


HDMI:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1meW0PvRAPH0LL2B4aG3h2h09arYBP6xu/view?usp=sharing

VGA:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R2cWQkqKFoY7qTxi4x8LJeaPKJJSWS6h/view?usp=sharing

Instructions:  Upon arriving in the classroom, the setup should look like one of these. 

HDMI classroom (Library, Campus Center, some Chapel, Nease, a few misc.).


VGA classroom (the rest of campus not listed above).


Plug the USB-C Adapter cable into your laptop:

FYI – Other faculty have a laptop model that does not have USB-C and are instructed to disconnect the video connections from the USB-C Adapter to utilize video.  You may need to reconnect this video cable if the previous faculty member forgot to.