Teams - Tutorial Videos

Please note that the ability to create additional teams has been disabled for security reasons. Contact the Helpdesk at if you would like additional members added to your Team.

This page was created with links to several videos, some internally made by ITS, and others created by Microsoft, all intended to introduce you to the various features and functionality of this tool.

MVNU-Specific Videos

Non-MVNU Video Topics

  • What is Teams?

  • Teams Basics

  • Notifications

  • File Sharing

  • Storing files in SPO

  • @mentions

  • Screen Sharing

What is Teams?

Click here for a step-by-step course, created by Microsoft to demonstrate, explain, and prepare others for using Microsoft Teams, or start by viewing the introductory video below. Click here to download the application to any device.



File Sharing

Storing Files in SPO


Screen Sharing