Hybrid - Older Mac Models

If you have one of these older Mac laptops, these are your instructions.

Each Classroom is now equipped with a USB-C adapter for connecting your laptop and utilizing the projector, network, and Ziggi. 

These laptops require two adapter cables to connect (both will be provided to you):

USB-A to USB-C Adapter (for Ethernet, Ziggi, and extra USB Connections)

Mini Displayport to VGA Adapter



HDMI: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vjofPqTSk9Kwjw6FoXavjvkrtpyKMrUM/view?usp=sharing

VGA: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_S765PrHMh1t10jfnwgjdNhfr-WrBas8/view?usp=sharing

Instructions:  Upon arriving in the classroom, the setup should look like one of these. 

HDMI classroom (Library, Campus Center, some Chapel, Nease, a few misc.).

VGA classroom (the rest of campus not listed above).


  • Plug in the USB-A to USB-C Adapter cable to the USB-C Connection at the teaching station, and plug the USB-A cable into your laptop.

  • Move the Video connector.

Be gentle moving these cables, they have tiny pins in the ends that are easy to break!

HDMI: Move the HDMI cable from the UCB-C adapter to your laptop.

VGA:  Move the VGA cable to the Mini Displayport VGA adapter and plug the adapter into your laptop.


At the end of class make sure to

Disconnect and collect the adapters to take with you



Move the Video connector (HDMI or VGA) back to the USB-C Connector, returning to the original setup: